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The critical consensus is, "Season 4 of The 100 rewards longtime viewers with a deeper look at their favorite characters, as well as adding exceptional nuance and depth to their thrilling circumstances".

The 100 (TV series)

While trying to fix a problem with his girlfriend Cora, James accidentally leaves his wrench beneath a control rod, preventing it from descending properly and causing the containment chamber to flood with radiation, killing James and Cora within moments.

'The 100' Original Cast Member Exits With Major Character Death (Spoilers)

The primary reason the audience grows to care so much for him is because of how much Raven cares for him.

‘The 100’: Who Is Clay Virtue & How Did He Die?

He is the sole surviving resident of Mount Weather after Clarke and Bellamy irradiate the fortress and kill the rest of the Mountain Men to save the captive Arkers.

100 Boyce Street Apartments, Bradford Place, Red Deer, AB

Jordan is severely wounded in the process, but survives and Priya sees to his recovery personally.

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Though initially unaware of Mount Weather's true intentions, she eventually realizes what is going on and assists Bellamy in his attempt to rescue the 47.

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Clarke is subsequently forced to blow Simone and anything left of Abby into space in self-defense, something that, along with her adopted daughter Madi becoming possessed by the Dark Commander, causes her to almost commit suicide, but Madi retakes control and arrests Russell.

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In the sixth season, Clarke's body is possessed by the consciousness of Josephine Lightbourne, but Clarke herself survives a mind wipe due to a remnant of the A.

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Knight takes part in the rescue mission for the people held hostage by the prisoners and the Children of Gabriel, but learns of Sheidheda's resurrection from Murphy in the process.

The 100 (TV Series 2014–2020)

He started the show as someone who was all about the "greater good" and.

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of wrote in an early review of the third season: "When looking at the epic feel and varied array of stories on display in season three, which overtly and covertly recalls "The Lord of the Rings" saga in a number of ways, it's almost hard to recall how limited the scope and the ambitions of "The 100" were two years ago, when a rag-tag band of survivors first crash-landed on Earth.