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She is hot and has a perfect figure for nudity! One of their first fights shows Rio being cool, calm, and collected, just like always.

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After that Christina was a regular on the boob tube, lending her talents to cult TV series like Angel, Firefly, and Tru Calling.

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So, they made a fifteen-minute video of Manny Montoya posing while looking like an absolute snack.

The Real Reason Christina Hendricks Refuses To Do A Nude Scene

Enjoy it, fellas, and see our other celebrity nudes! After graduating from high school in Virginia, Hendricks moved to New York City.

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Steamy: Hensricks shares a sizzling nude kiss with her new husband in the show Firefly While Firefly was short-lived, Christina has since seen her role in Mad Men make her a star, with the actress making the leap to the big screen in the upcoming I Don't Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker.

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He then has sex with her against the bathroom wall as she puts her arm around him.

Christina Hendricks Sex Scene

Instantly recognisable: In the 2002 scenes, Christina's red hair is almost the same as today, right But she says she has tired of everyone discussing her body constantly since her eye-popping curves made her a household name.

Christina Hendricks Nude? Find out at Mr. Skin

I was searching for her private nudes and all I found were fakes and some nice cleavage pics from events, where Christina was one of the attendees! 'Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious.

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With her curvaceous figure and form-fitting outfits in the AMC hit , became a modern-day 50s bombshell with her role as the femme fatale with a heart of gold, Joan Holloway.

The Real Reason Christina Hendricks Refuses To Do A Nude Scene

Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks leaning over a sink in a bathroom showing a bit of cleavage in her dress as a guy stands behind her and cups her breast with one hand and reaches under her dress to pull down her panties with the other.