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The Untold Truth Of Marcus Hill's (Dyrus) Girlfriend

I bet oddone called bullshit so fast… imagine a random teenager just showing up at your house and then suddenly she's gonna be living with you that coming summer Did she delete her lengthy tumblr post about how she and dyrus met? She stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in tall or else 1.

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It irritates your eyes within an hour and it's a bit worrying how she wears them all the time.

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Use of the site will constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditions:• BUT she is just astoundingly fake, I've never seen anything like it She may not stream as frequently or be as interactive probably cant do meet ups as much since her looks dont live up to expectations irl too but overall, she's working wayyyy harder with wayyyy more effort contributed overall than any other boobie streamer of the same tier She loves it when people say shit like: Dyrus is not in your league Dyrus is so lucky I have no chance with you So pretty! Who the hell would be cool with not meeting the adult their teenage daugther is going to move to another state with? Let's start cocking her and chatting about her guys! Prepare for cringy content from that visit lmao what's gonna happen is, dyrone is going to upload a vlog and its gonna be gross closeups of himself, and when the camera is on emily, she's gonna be hiding her face with her hair or wearing a cap that covers her entire face, just like all the other "candid" shots he gets of her.


there was a comment on her 'minimal' makeup picture from this asian guy saying she "looks more asian" than him with this style of makeup You read my mind about the mix part lolol.

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But, if they've soiled themselves which is the reason why Emiru bathed one of her rabbits ONCE , then it is ok to bathe them as long as you do it properly.

Emiru : Found It on Social Networking Porn Nudes 💦

its also showing signs of destruction and bordem and looks upset in the attached pic.

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She sucks at LOL, takes alot of pics with her fake tits pushed so high up it can punch her face, she does the LEMME FIX MY CAMERA OH LOOK MY BOOBIES ARE THERE XD shit, cosplays, leeches of boyfriend, everything she does screams attention grubbing cam girl leech.

Emiru : Found It on Social Networking Porn Nudes 💦

Ninja From Space Honestly, does not look like her.

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Thus creating a girl who is simultaneously insecure about her looks, but also flaunts a "perfect" image on social media.